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Those renting an Aardvark Smoky Mountain cabin may find it a struggle to leave in order to sightsee. With luxurious accommodations, abundant amenities, and spectacular views, you will have to pry yourself away. Just remember, there is much to do in the Smokies away from your cabin.

The Famous Walker Sisters of Wears Valley
Everyone who visits the Smoky Mountains must take the short drive to Wears Valley and the Walker Sisters' Home Place. The Walker sisters are true-to-life legends throughout the mountains. The Walker family had 11 children. Out of their seven daughters, one died and one married. The remaining five sisters never left their home, choosing to live off the mountain through sheer hard work and determination.

While many in the mountains began to adopt modern ways, the Walker sisters refused to change. They wore long sleeved, ankle-length dresses throughout their lives, even when hoeing in the fields. They spun their own cloth from the wool from their very own sheep. Everything was built by their father, from the barns and corn crib to the furniture.

Considered spinsters and old maids, the Walker sisters worked together to make their own way, even as they aged. When the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established and most were forced off their property, the Walker sisters were given a life time estate. They continued to work, farm, and live there until their deaths. The last sister, Louisa, died in 1964. The park continues to preserve this historic home site and tourists flock to it in droves.

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